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Dr. John Campanile D.V.M.
2270 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11234


Available at our facility

Travel certificates / health certificates



Hills prescription foods (Science Diet, Ideal Balance)

Sonograms by appointment

Cremations - individual or mass

Insurance information - we have different brochures for a few of the pet insurances available at our facility.

**Please be aware when you have insurance the full payment is required at the time of your visit. You will be given a receipt to send to the insurance company who will them determine the amount you will be refunded.


Pharmacy For your convenience we have a pet pharmacy right on our premises. This way you’re able to get the right medications and dosage for your pet. If you’re interested in ordering medication from an online pet pharmacy, beware of counterfeit medications. You can get the same medications at our facility for the same price, possibly a little more. However, you have the comfort in knowing you are getting authentic medication and if the pet has a reaction to it the doctor/staff will be able to answer questions and you'll be prescribed a different medication.
Boarding (Pets must be up to date with vaccines in order to board)

Small dogs $25 a day; medium dogs $28 a day; large dogs $32 a night; cats $20 a day.

If medications have to be given, there may be an additional charge.

Free bath at discharge (after 5 days)

Climate control with A/C or heating

Surgical Services

- Spays
- Neuter
- Declaws (feline)
- Lacerations
- Pyometra (an infection in the uterus)
- Cystotomy
- Hernia repair
- Amputations
- Mastectomy
- Ear surgery / hematoma
- Ear and tail cropping
- Tumor/ mass removal
- Eye surgery
- Cherry eye
- Eye lid tumor


Does your pet have bad breath and everything you're tried has failed it just might be time for a checkup and possible cleaning.

Signs it may be time:

- Food falling from the pet's mouth
- Bad breath
- Interests in food but reluctant to eat

We specialize in extractions and cleanings.

Other Services

Vaccinations / immunology

Puppy vaccines should be given as early as 6 to 8 weeks of age with follow ups every 2-3 weeks until they have received 3 sets of vaccines or have reaches 5 months where they will be given their rabies vaccine and allowed to go outside for walks. It is not recommended to take your puppy out until they have had all their vaccinations.

Kitten vaccines are given at 8 weeks, they receive a "3 in 1" (rhinotracheits, calicivirus and feline distemper) vaccine, and then they receive a second shot 4 weeks after their first vaccine.

***New kittens should be tested for felv / fiv viruses (feline leukemia virus and immunodeficiency virus) before allowing them to interact with other cats you may have at home. This can be passed on to other cats within the home and can be deadly so please take per-cautions.

*Reminder*: please bring in a stool sample from your new pet to test for intestinal parasites. For kittens or cats it is ok if there is litter on the sample.

Wellness Exams

Includes a hands-on checkup from nose to tail as well as a discussion about the pets:

- Weight, diet and nutrition
- Vaccines (if needed)
- Behavior issues and or changes
- Mouth and teeth
- We blood test dogs for heart worm before prescribing heart worm preventatives

Parasite testing for:

- Roundworms
- Hookworms
- Whipworms
- Tapeworms
- Heart worms
- Giardiasis
- Coccidia


- We recommend that you bring a stool sample at your first visit, especially for kittens and puppies because they often acquire these parasites from their mothers. This way we can treat your pet for any parasites that may be hiding within them.

- Parasites such as hookworm and roundworms can infect people so it's important to make sure they are tested to protect both your family and your pet.

There are many different prevention medications that are used once a month such as:

- Heartgard
- Revolution

Pain and arthritis management

- Diagnostic blood panels
- Allergy testing. There can be many things that cause your pet to have an allergic reaction. Some common reasons for this can be the food they may be eating, clothing, cleaning products, treats or grass.


- Skin care
- Hot spots (open sore)
- Fungal infections, (ring worm)
- Mange and scabies (caused by mites)- treated by a special medicated bath.
- Hair loss

Ophthalmology (eye)

Cardiology (heart)

Diabetes management


Hours of Operation

(by appointment only)
Monday - Friday: 10am - 12:30pm / 4pm - 6:30pm
Saturday: 10am - 2pm<
Sunday: 11am - 1:30pm

Public Transportation

Q35, B41 or B41 LTD to Fillmore Ave.
B9 to Fillmore Ave.
B100 to Flatbush Ave.
Q train to Kings Hwy, then B100 to Fillmore Ave
and Flatbush Ave.


Dr. John Campanile D.V.M.
2270 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11234
Phone: (718) 258-0500